Gemini Season

So my Birthday is coming up actually it will be this Sunday. I am the true definition of a Gemini. People like to say that we are moody …. I like to say we that even though we are the Twin sign … we are Multi Dimensional. Some of the most creative people

on the planet are and were Geminis … without us the world wouldn’t be so colorful …lol.


Anyway I.m looking to treat myself to  a new tablet  or either a new drum machine ….. decisions decisions … what should I do???

I love music … love producing it … actually miss producing music but this new tablet will also fiend my need to begin drawing again. I miss drawing as well I haven’t drawn anything at least really drawn something that was for me personally in a long time.

Maybe I will treat myself to a new laptop …. damn … decisions decisions …smh good day good people

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