Getting Older

So I am 4 days away from my birthday. Today I woke up with a since of clarity about my mortality my health and just life. I decided to make a commitment to some things the day of my birthday. For years I have struggled with my weight high blood pressure and eating habits . Truth is I don’t really eat that bad but I don’t enough of the good stuff to make a difference . When I was in high school I was actually a vegetarian. My dad was a hardcore vegetarian I actually afraid to bring meat in the house after I moved in with him so I figured I would just go along with it even though in the beginning I craved meat. After a while I didn’t miss it. I started eating meat again when I moved out on my own but it was only Turkey then when I got married it was everything except for Pork. Now on the verge of being 45 I feel much older weight outta control back hurting constantly tired and I know how to fix it all but I never made an commitment. This time I will. My girlfriend always says write things down once you write them down they become real. It actually makes since because words are spells …. that’s why its called SPELLING. I decided to write it down to make it real to hold myself accountable to remind myself that this is not a diet this a lifestyle change and a matter of life and death.




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