Rebirth…The universe and Me

So today I am launching the new desing of my personal site. I am excited and happy with how it has turned im hoping the public is happy with it as well. This new design took sometime because between working projects,learning a new skill and just life in general i have been swamped.Even though i am swamped and I am tired alot of the timea i cant complain…this is what I asked for.I believe the universe will always give you what you ask for good bad or indifferent. For years I have been asking for things that have not been beneficial to me this time i decided to try something new … Ask for what I need rather than what I want. Today I ask for REBIRTH. I ask that the universe give me the strength and wisdom to understand the difference between wants and needs and to proceed accordingly. I ask the universe to bring me peace and my family friends and loved ones peace…and to bring the same peace to any client I work with. Thank you stay blessed yall.



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